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What You Should Know Before Your First Yoga Class

I’m so eager to share more yoga posts with you! I’m nearly done my 200-hour yoga instructor confirmation (only a couple of more hours left!) so plan for much more later on. This is only the beginning.

Be that as it may, before I bounce substantial into the yoga content, I needed to return things to essentials and discussion about what you should know before your first yoga class. I’ve been doing yoga for 12+ years and am entirely profound into the training, however regardless I discover it so ground-breaking and lowering to return to a tenderfoot class and recall where things began. Since trust me, I had appendages thrashing and profound disarray for my first year of the training. Fortunately, it’s simply that, a training. A ceaseless practice, truth be told.

One of the numerous reasons I adore yoga is on the grounds that I really trust it is a definitive equalizer. Our bodies are on the whole so unique so what one individual can do today may appear to be unique from what another person can do. Furthermore, what one individual can do today may likewise appear to be unique from what that equivalent individual can do tomorrow. It’s likewise significantly more than simply “doing”. I’ve had to rehearse where I felt solid and bendy however my breath was lopsided and I simply was absent. I’ve had times where my breath was so on point yet physically I found the training testing. It changes constantly.

Yoga is far beyond only a physical exercise. Indeed what I discover most testing is the non-physical parts of it. Is my mind meandering? Am I breathing profoundly? Did I leave behind my judgment? These things are all similarly, if not a higher priority than the physical asanas (yoga stances).

This is additionally why I believe it’s an amazing practice for learners. The yoga studio or your home practice is a without judgment zone. To really rehearse yoga intends to recognize where you are at today. It’s not about how you contrast with other individuals in the room or even how you contrast with the desires you have for yourself. It’s just about being the place you are at and finding that zone among solace and challenge.

That being stated, I know your first or your first couple of yoga classes can be very scary. Regardless of the way that most experienced yogis are passing no judgment by any means, it can feel terrifying strolling into a room of individuals who don’t jump when the educator starts speaking Sanskrit or the room breaks out into a reverberating “ohm”. So I’m here to separate for you what you have to know before your first yoga class. Utilize this as a guide and ideally a feeling of consolation to begin your own training!

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Honestly, all you truly need is your body and the floor, however in case you’re heading off to a studio you will require/need a couple of things.

1) A Mat – Find out if the studio has tangles so on the off chance that you don’t claim one this is an incredible alternative. On the off chance that you do possess a tangle (this one is my top pick), consider bringing it in the event that you can

2) Blocks – most studios will have hinders for use. I profoundly urge you to utilize them. I generally have two squares at my tangle when I practice since I discover they truly help in developing certain stances.

3) A Strap – again most studios will have ties. I don’t generally utilize one yet I like having one close by in the event that I do. Ties are extraordinary in the event that you have tight shoulders or restricted range in your chest just as on the off chance that you experience difficulty going after your toes.



1) Go to a fledgling class – I generally urge amateurs to go to novice classes. Regardless of whether you are overly solid and certain, it doesn’t mean you’re prepared for a propelled class. Start with a tenderfoot class and get settled with the stances before going into anything progressed.

2) Know what sort of class you are visiting – there are numerous a wide range of kinds of yoga classes. On the off chance that you’re searching for a difficult stream and, at that point stretch class, I energize ashtanga or vinyasa/control yoga. On the off chance that you need something that is progressively centered around extending, go to a yin or therapeutic class. Most studios will give class portrayals on their sites so read them! If not, call the studio to get more subtleties.

3) Eyes individually tangle – obviously, in your first couple of classes you may need to glance around to comprehend what’s happening. That is absolutely fine! Simply don’t contrast where you are at with where others are at. Trust me, they’re not taking a gander at you!

4) Talk to the instructor before class – let them know whether you have any wounds or concerns, yet additionally that you are new. There is nothing dishonorable in sharing that you are new. Trust me, they will get on it in any case so you should begin a discourse.

5) Be available to changes – on the off chance that you don’t care for being contacted, that is absolutely fine yet in the event that you are, don’t think about it literally. Alterations are intended to enable you to get into the correct arrangement in a stance so be available to them. They will enable you to get further into your training.

6) Focus on your breath – it’s a great deal to get in and out of stances, stream effectively AND relax. I for one find that my best classes are where I’ve truly centered around my breath. You realize you’ve arrived at your point of confinement in a stance when you’ve lost your breath so attempt to find that line!

7) Child’s Pose – more on essential postures underneath however realize that it is 100% satisfactory to go into youngster’s posture at any point.In certainty, there’s nothing I adore more than seeing yogis go into kid’s posture mid-practice since I realize that this individual is in order and tuning in to their body. On the off chance that you’ve lost your breath or simply need a break, consistently go into kid’s posture.

Essential YOGA MOVES

Vinyasa/Sun Salutations – this is a progression of moves that are the foundation of yoga. I’ll separate it for you:

Mountain present/Tadasana

Forward Fold/Uttanasana

Midway Lift/Ardha Uttanasana


Upward Facing Dog/Adho Mukha Svanasana

Descending Facing Dog/Adho Mukha Shvanasana

From here you may move into Warrior I or Warrior II, High Lunge, Easy Twist, etc… you’ll get the hang of it in the long run. It’s about training. Note: most learner practices won’t utilize the sanskrit so dread not!

Youngster’s Pose – Folding your chest over your knees on the tangle (see above picture). This is your re-focusing present. Never be reluctant to drop down into youngster’s posture if the stream is feeling extreme or you’re losing your breath.

Shavasana – Otherwise known as “body represent” it’s basically the most awesome yoga present, It’s your serene rest toward the finish of your training. In case you’re simply in it for shavasana I feel you! I never comprehend individuals who leave it. It resembles getting a serene night’s rest in 3-5 minutes.



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