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8 Alternatives to Engagement Rings When Proposing

The standard wedding band with the platinum or gold band and sparkling precious stone isn’t for everybody. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a ring that adversaries all others and is novel in its very own right, or essentially loathe the idea of wearing anything at your mercy and are rather looking for another choice, there are a lot of options in contrast to wedding bands when proposing you can browse. Truth be told, wedding band choices are in any event, turning into a pattern. “We are seeing an ever increasing number of couples, both same sex and hetero, who need to make something amazingly close to home, wistful and out of the crate,” says David Alan, proprietor of David Alan Jewelry in New York City. “Today, as we approach a time of ‘anything goes,’ it’s increasingly adequate for individuals to consider some fresh possibilities with regards to an image, a charm, of their dedication.”

Fortunately, there is no deficiency of choices in the present day and age with regards to options in contrast to wedding bands while proposing. Here are the absolute most well known choices diamond setters prescribe to their customers.

A ring on a neckband

This happens to be the most famous option in contrast to a wedding band when proposing for the individuals who are not permitted to, or favor not to, wear a ring when they’re at work. This still allows them to shake an excellent precious stone—the main distinction being that you’re wearing it around your neck instead of your finger. “Neckbands can be modified to incorporate birth gemstones, be engraved or have numerous segments like metal initials,” says Slisha Kankariya, originator of Four Mine, an online adornments retailer having some expertise in wedding bands. “Another advantage is that pieces of jewelry are simple wear and keep up paying little heed to calling, making it simple for anybody to have it on constantly.”

Appeal arm jewelry

“This custom dates to the 1950s when young ladies transitioning would add charms to an arm ornament to symbolize life achievements,” says Alan. “Today, an appeal arm ornament (as well as neckband) can be a superb method to remember a wedding, labor, family creatures and even commemorations.” Another advantage of an appeal arm ornament is that, notwithstanding the appeal that shows your wedding, you can add on other marriage achievements, for example, your first home, first kid, first outing together, and so forth.

A tattoo of a ring

In case you’re not into wearing gems around your ring finger, however might want something there to recognize your responsibility, you may get a perpetual tattoo, be it of your life partner’s name, initials, your wedding date, and so forth. This is something Josh Levkoff, of Josh Levkoff Jewelry, sees regularly and says is an extremely sweet and uncommon route for couples to convey what needs be.


Like appeal arm ornaments, mementos hold a loved spot ever. A large number of our predecessors wore them to recollect friends and family by and connote the start of another sentimental relationship. “Mementos are a good old, yet great option in contrast to a wedding band,” says Alan. “The most established mementos were said to contain scent, pictures and even bolts of hair!” Perhaps the best piece of this convention is that you can put anything inside the memento itself.

Elective stone wedding band

In the event that you are still in the market for a ring, one in particular that is distinctly not quite the same as the standard round-cut jewel, an elective gemstone may be directly for you. “Sapphire, emerald and ruby are the most valuable as far as cost and irregularity after jewel and all have rich and profound shades that own an intense expression that set the wearer apart from others,” says Kankariya. She recommends practicing alert when choosing a gemstone ring, in any case, as they require distinctive consideration as far as wear and cleaning than a precious stone ring. “The qualities are gentler and are progressively inclined to scratches and breakage, so make certain to work with a trustworthy gem specialist who can offer you a fix arrangement,” she includes.

Metal groups

Numerous couples celebrate their association with a lot of coordinating groups. These, Kankariya clarifies, can be decorated with a littler complement precious stones, etchings, metal carvings and even birthstones of the couple. “The excellence of these metal groups is the adaptability and the capacity to alter, which settles on them a simple and significant decision for couples who need to include an individual touch,” she says. “It’s likewise an extraordinary route for men to recognize getting ready for marriage and have a one of a kind bit of gems.”

Endlessness groups

“Precious stones don’t need to be worn on a wedding band to sparkle and shimmer,” says Kankariya. “At the point when worn as an unending length of time band they meet up in a satisfying structure that shines all around.” Even however endlessness groups will in general look increasingly extravagant, since there may be more precious stones by and large, it’s spread around the ring in littler pieces which will in general be less exorbitant.

Another bit of workmanship for your home

Nobody said your commitment keepsake must be a ring—or gems by any stretch of the imagination! “Workmanship is another expressive structure for couples to show their adoration for one another and for themselves and to be inventive in what they need,” says Levkoff. “It’s additionally something they can put resources into and something that can acknowledge in esteem.”

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