tablet computer

In 1986, Hindsight, a startup in Enfield CT, developed the Letterbug, an 8086-based mostly tablet computer for the tutorial market. Prototypes have been shown at commerce shows in New England in 1987, however no manufacturing fashions ever got here out. Steve Jobs of Apple envisioned in a 1983 speech an “incredibly nice computer in a e-book that you can carry round with you and discover ways to use in 20 minutes”. In 1985, as the home-computer market significantly declined after a number of years of robust development, Dan Bricklin stated that a profitable house computer wanted to be the size of and as convenient to hold as a spiral notebook.

Just about any inventive task on a computer requiring pinpoint precision can benefit significantly from the tactile response of a pen in your hand. While initially fairly costly, there are currently drawing tablets to fit practically any finances. Get 1 … Read More

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